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Technology Management

Technology Management

Computer and IT support to help your business run faster, easier and more profitably. IT Hassles become a thing of the past.

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Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Peace of mind knowing your data is protected and you’re able to be quickly operational if disaster strikes.

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Network & Cyber Security

Network & Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks cost businesses millions each year in Australia. Some are business ending. Don't be the next statistic.

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Cloud Solutions

Cloud Solutions

Access your data from anywhere in the world, anytime, from any internet connected device.

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Why Choose Us?

We understand you just want your computers to WORK!

For most accounting firms, connecting the dots when it comes to technology can be confusing, time consuming and COSTLY.

If your computer and IT support provider’s profitability is tied to your frequent computer problems and expensive downtime, then the premise of your business relationship is flawed as your goals and theirs are out of alignment. After all, great computer and IT support should be HELPING make YOUR BUSINESS run faster, easier and more profitably.

When talking to prospective new clients, I often hear how they have been dealing with: poor response times, lack of knowledge and reoccurring or constant computer problems. At Technology For Accountants, we have developed our business model to address these issues head on and help reduce clients technology stress and frustrations.

Anyone can put out a sign and call themselves a “computer expert”, that’s why you often see IT companies come and go. At Technology For Accountants, we have been helping our clients run more efficiently and profitably for years. We’ve built a reputation for honest, reliable and time sensitive service. We understand clients want to be communicated to with respect and without “geek speak”. At Technology For Accountants you will never be made to feel “less than” or uncomfortable when dealing with us.

If you are your wits end about your current computer and IT support because they never seem to get everything working, are unreliable about responding to problems, don’t follow through on promises, don’t take ownership of issues and overall provide shabby service, we can help.

Iain Enticott,
Director, Technology For Accountants

I.T. support is an essential service for us to ensure the continuity of our business. When technology fails and we can’t do our job properly it is incredibly frustrating. It is not just about having the latest hardware and software, we believe that the constant monitoring and a pro-active approach from our I.T. Support ensures we have minimum downtime.

Mike Skerritt

Ascot Partners

Technology For Accountants technical expertise was evident from the start. Knowing I am a lay person, they answered my questions and gave time and energy to my needs and requirements and explained things in user-friendly terms enabling me to make an informed choice. They give us timely attention; they’re reliable and dedicated to the task at hand.

Jenny Kirby

LMP Accountants

We have engaged the services of Technology For Accountants for a number of years. Their service is prompt, reliable and friendly. Nothing is too much trouble. The team are very patient with our people. Our whole computer system is the most reliable it has ever been and we do recommend their services to other Accountants.

Andrew Martin

Martin Taylor Associates

What Every Accounting Firm Must Know About Hiring An Honest, Competent, Responsive And Fairly Priced Computer Consultant

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That’s okay if you’re not ready to call – we really don’t mind. But what we do care about is small and medium-sized businesses not making the most of their existing technology and getting the most out of their company. If you’re having IT problems but you’re not quite at the stage where you need to give us a call, our free report should put you on the right track.

The report contains important questions you should ask your current IT person to make sure that their policies, procedures and service standards won’t leave you vulnerable to expensive problems, lost data, viruses, hacker attacks and a host of other problems.

Simply fill out the form here and we’ll send you a copy today – we’re not asking for anything from you in return. Put simply, we’re passionate about technology and we believe that it should work for everyone.