Toilet Paper Apocalypse

Party like it’s 1999

Well, we certainly have been swimming in the deep end recently! Did you just jump in or did you put on a life vest?

Iain, this guy who works for me and cleans my bowl, reckons his business is a bit like a life vest as it helps out people when they’re drowning… in their work and IT set ups!

We were reflecting recently and reckon that Prince who sang, “Party like it’s 1999” had the right idea! I don’t know about you guys but I’m ready to swim under the disco ball again and generally live it up! When people say, “Go back to school”, well, as a fish a school IS my social group — look it up, it’s a group of fish swimming together! I am so excited to catch up with my buddies again, see if they’ve let their fins grow out and basically look forward to some winter fun — like snowboarding!

So, please turn back the years… doesn’t even have to be to 1999…. but just to a simpler time when we can all have fun again — together!

Keep your floaties on folks! Until next time….