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Where is Cloud Computing Being Used?

Cloud computing is basically having all kinds of software services, and IT needs being provided through online platforms without the need for any kind of special software tools or hardware requirements. Cloud computing offers flexibility, reduction in costs, and better utilization of resources.

While there are certain concerns over cloud computing such as data security and lack of absolute control, the business world has embraced cloud technologies and the numerous advantages provided by this technology. Mentioned below are some of the major applications of cloud computing in the business world today.

  1. Testing and development - One of the most popular applications of cloud computing is that it provides an environment for development and testing. Compared to this, traditional development and testing environments require a separate budget, separate hardware and software assets and installation and configuration of the testing platform. With the implementation of cloud computing, such customized environments can be made readily available. Such development environments can be changed or tweaked easily, and they come with all the virtual resources necessary for development and testing.
  2. Infrastructure and platform as a service - With cloud computing there are pay-per-use facilities available which provide all kinds of digital platforms for hosting the necessary infrastructures and services. Companies need not invest in acquiring their own resources and can depend on the resources provided on cloud. Companies also prefer cloud-based platforms due to the speed and ease with which new applications can be developed and deployed.  
  3. Big data analytics - Cloud computing offers businesses data analytical tools which allow software to go through enormous piles of data, both structured and unstructured and extract patterns and insights useful to the business. For example, CRM and sales platforms which are hosted on cloud can collect all kinds of consumer information such as their online preferences, buying habits, behavior patterns and their interactions on social media. Armed with such data, companies can then mount better marketing initiatives and come up with strategies to increase and retain their consumer pool.
  4. Hybrid cloud - Hybrid is a balance between having a private cloud network and a public cloud. It is primarily used in businesses to test and roll-out new software tools and services so that employees can use them on a limited basis and understand the effects and consequences. This results in cost saving as companies can test out experimental features in a safe and restricted environment without making any investments. If the project results in a failure, then the company will not face severe losses.


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