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The Road to Security Starts with a Personal Obligation

Whenever we receive phishing or unsolicited mails or are attacked by a malware, we are quick to blame everyone else, including our service provider and site administrators, but ourselves. Is it just their responsibility to ensure we have a safe browsing session? Definitely not! Before blaming them, you must understand that in many cases, it is the unsafe browsing habits of people that make them sitting ducks for hackers.

Importance of Cybersecurity Training

Managers inside the c-suite usually care less about cybersecurity than managers outside of the c-suite. Cybersecurity must be taken seriously because the potential consequences can be severe.

If the c-suite understands the importance of cybersecurity protocols, the rest of the company will follow. This will ensure that a culture surrounding the importance of cybersecurity will be present at all levels of the company.

Protecting your Business: How Important Cyber Security Is

With the centralization of databases and automation of activities, more and more business operations are becoming dependent on computers. These systems while designed to be foolproof, often have vulnerabilities and backdoors due to oversight and human errors. Businesses of all sizes utilize computer systems and networks to manage their operations and data. There are network utilities, database management systems, multiple users, authentication systems and various kinds of software tools for analysis and data manipulation. This wealth of private or proprietary data makes these computer systems ideal targets for cybercriminals.

Cyber Security Awareness Tips

As businesses are now handling sensitive data about their customers, they are becoming prime targets to cybercriminals. Even though cybersecurity is extremely important, your employees may not find it interesting.

In most cases, cybersecurity training uses fear tactics to teach employees to avoid clicking links which look suspicious and use weak passwords. However, these methods won’t be successful, as they don't know of its significance. Instead, you should follow these three tips, which will make them take cybersecurity seriously: