Cyber Security Threats to Watch Out for in 2019

Cyber Security Threats to Watch Out for in 2019


Over the years, cryptocurrency mining has captured the imagination of netizens and corporations alike. Many experts predict cryptocurrency to be the future of money. As transactions involving cryptocurrencies increase, hackers have come up with ways to trick their victims into loading mining codes onto their systems. The aim of hackers orchestrating crypto jacking attacks is to get access to their target’s CPU resources. Crypto jacking is hard to detect, which is why cybersecurity experts predict these attacks to rise in 2019.

2. Phishing

Phishing attacks have long been a favorite of hackers. These attacks involve tricking the victim into sharing their personal info such as their login IDs and credit card credentials. While you may associate phishing attacks with emails, the threat has evolved. Over the years, scammers have started using a number of tricks such as sending text messages and social media quizzes to their targets. Experts believe phishing attacks will continue to evolve and become more sophisticated in 2019.


Over the years, ransomware has emerged as one of the most potent cyber security threats. Hackers orchestrating ransomware attacks use various methods to encrypt or infect their target’s database. Once they are successful in encrypting their victim’s data, the hacker threats deletion or corruption of data, unless the person agrees to pay a hefty ransom. Hackers using this method are difficult to track, as many demands that ransom be paid in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. As hackers become more sophisticated, these attacks are expected to increase in the near future.