Back up all devices to protect your IT security

Back up all devices to protect your IT security

Most of us 'wing it' at different times of our lives and get through hectic stages by taking a few shortcuts here and there... There's nothing wrong with that, we all do it! However, when it comes to IT and your privacy and security, you can't cut corners for very long...

Did you know there's been an official 'World Back-up day' annually held on 31 March?  It's celebrated to highlight easy ways to increase your cyber protection by simply backing up your devices routinely. 


Our devices are home to all of our important data. But if that device is damaged, lost or destroyed, your data may be lost for good. Whether it’s hardware failure, theft, natural disaster or your device being infected with a virus, recovering data can be expensive or even impossible.

Cybercriminals, malicious programs and computer viruses are always looking for ways into your devices. For these guys, it's their full time job!

One of the most common ways they do this is through exploiting any weakness in software. Much like a thief attempting to break into a home, cybercriminals will always look for the easiest way in. When your software is not up to date, it’s basically like leaving a window unlocked for the thief to enter unobstructed.

Lock your windows... everyday!

By routinely updating your software, you’re essentially plugging any gaps the cybercriminals might try and get in through. Luckily, software developers are constantly releasing updates for their products, to fix any security concerns and improve functionality. Most software will ask you to update when a new version is released, and you should always do this when prompted. Don't leave it to tomorrow, or the next day or the next day....

Don't wing it... Set yourself a reminder.

Cybercriminals never stop looking for vulnerabilities, so you need to continually download the latest version of software to your devices.

The easiest way to stay on top of this is simply by turning on or confirming automatic updates where possible. An automatic update is a ‘set and forget’ feature that updates your software as soon as it becomes available. This way you can relax knowing you’re always using the most secure version.

So, don't leave yourself vulnerable and back up your business properly against cybercrime. 

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