On Thin Ice

How Just ONE Cyber Attack Can Put Your Business And Finances UNDERWATER…And What YOU Can Do NOW To Stop It.
31 Cyber Security Experts Share Their Proven Strategies To Help Prevent This Imminent Threat And Protect Your Business. 

Your Sensitive Data, Your Business And Your Finances Are At RISK For Cybercrime!Iain Enticott 5 Social Media (1)

How many countless hours have you invested in your team, your products or services and successfully growing your business? And what if a REAL and potentially devastating threat could set your business back YEARS in terms of data, productivity and even your finances? That threat is cybercrime. And it is now anticipated to cost $6 TRILLION per year with the average data breach costing business owners $3.92 million.

So, how do these cybercriminals wreak havoc on your network and business? With ransomware, a hacker holds your sensitive data hostage until you pay tens of thousands in ransom. Trojan viruses covertly introduce dangerous malware to your network. And phishing attacks can steal your passwords, data and money! Make no mistake, cybercriminals today have a whole arsenal of underground tricks to break into your network.

Fortunately, by arming yourself with the right knowledge and taking the right actions, you can better SHIELD your vulnerable network and PROTECT your data, business and finances. The authors in this book bring HUNDREDS of years of hands-on IT and cyber security experience to help you protect your data.

Your data, dollars and domains are at greater risk today than ever before. You have a choice: ignore the threat and wait for the inevitable … or fight back with the proven strategies in this book to protect your business, your customers, your livelihood.

While this book focuses on various topics within cybersecurity and all things security, my chapter is titled “Cybersecurity Isn't Just An IT Risk (Or Problem) It's A Major Business Risk”. In this chapter I discuss the five misconceptions that every business owner makes around Cybersecurity.

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