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The Power Of Decisiveness

A few months ago I had a call from an online marketing company offering me their Adwords service (Adwords is running ads on Google to promote your business or service). After talking for 10mins I agreed to pay $2000 setup fee and $200 a month for the service. Now, this had nothing to do with their selling skills. I could have finished the call with…”let me think about it” and do the phone tag thing for the next week or so while they chased me every day for an answer. I have enough on my plate without been chased by a sales guy!

It had has everything to do with how decisive I have trained myself to be. My thoughts are this: I’m willing to put a few grand into this as a test; it’s the true method for determining whether or not this is a viable method for prospecting for us. I know my cost per lead and cost per sale, so it was very easy for me to convey specific objectives that have to be achieved for this investment.

What’s to “think over”? I’ve already got too much on my mind and don’t need another open item to think about. Better to make a decision and act on it; the worst that can happen is that I will be out of pocket a few grand for a marketing test. I can live with that, and I will, without doubt, learn and gain something.

I see far too many business owners overburden their mind “thinking it over,” whatever the decision. This is NOT how highly successful CEO’s behave. Of course, some decisions need to be taken with care and deliberation. What your practice's mission is, for example, should take thought. The colour of your brochure/website/business cards, not so much. Yet I see business owners piddling around for hours, days and even months over insignificant decisions such as the colour of their logo.

Decide. Act. Move on. In this world, the fast eat the slow.

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