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Smartphone Security

What is MDM?

MDM or mobile device management is a software that protects your mobile devices from security threats, allows you to log in remotely to your devices and disable them remotely. In effect, once you have installed MDM on your phone, tablet or laptop, if the device gets lost or there is a security breach you could deactivate the device remotely.

How is MDM used?

If you run an accounting business you could very possibly have your employees at client offices in different parts of the city, state or even country. If the company is still relatively new or not very large there is a good chance that your employees use their own devices like laptops, tablet and mobile phones to work out of client sites.

Because these devices are not kept securely in an office building there is an increased risk of them getting lost or stolen. These devices have stored in the sensitive client data like financial records. The devices might also have access to a larger pool of company data in the cloud. In the event of the device getting lost or stolen this data could fall into the wrong hands.

With MDM installed, a stolen or lost device could be remotely disabled and even the memory completely wiped, protecting the data from a security breach. The same can be done in case of a virus attack that was designed to steal information.

Where is MDM available?

Many companies are now offering MDM software are reasonable prices. Microsoft 365 Business has the function for an additional $20.00 per user per month. While MDM was too expensive to go mainstream for a while, over the last couple of years the price has come done enough for more companies to make use of the additional security. VMware and IBM also offer affordable MDM solutions to small businesses.

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