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social media marketing trends

Almost all of the Millennials are on social media as they see it as the go-to destination for everything ranging from news, information, entertainment and interaction.

The power of social media cannot be ignored given these facts:

• Two billion users are on social media according to 2017 statistics

• Half of the world’s population is on one or the other social media channel

• Social media gets more than one million new users every day!

• More than 50 million businesses use Facebook to promote their brand

The coming years will see marketers place more emphasis on the use of technology, artificial intelligence and social values to generate an optimum return on investment on social media.

Top two social media marketing trends

Chatbots: With Facebook Messenger already employing chatbots, marketers are likely to leverage artificial intelligence to instantly and meaningfully connect with users on social media channels. Social media will likely become the one-stop destination for everything right from ordering a pizza to booking flights, thanks to the smart chatbots. As per data provided by Gartner, 20% of content would be generated by machines in 2018.
Chatbots can help brands make the interaction with their customers more personalized and fun. Per Facebook, more than 100,000 active bots were witnessed every month on Messenger, which means that marketers have a whole new channel to engage with customers.

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Videos: With highly visual modes of communication gaining popularity across social media channels, marketing professionals will have to focus on creating top quality videos. Millennials particularly are more tuned in to posts that feature top quality graphics, videos and virtual reality. More than 59% of the digital natives visit a website because of the stunning graphics according to a study. On YouTube, close to five hundred hours of videos are watched every day!

With close to 87% of businesses already employing videos to grab the Millennials’ attention on social media, the emphasis on visual content will likely grow in the coming years.