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Let us look at some of the products sold.

Commodities that are related to information include the following:

  • Personally identifiable information (PII) which is stolen – PII can include anything from identity theft packages to mass email lists.
  • Unauthorised copying and distribution of organisational information – The data included can be capital, private, internal operations details and so on.
  • Authentication credentials – Plenty of people use the same combination of username and password over multiple websites. Authentication credentials such as these are regularly stolen.
  • Stolen financial data – There are plenty of cases recorded daily of unauthorised withdrawals and charges.

Commodities that are related to resources include the following:

  • Actor training which is malicious – Guidebooks and tutorials on using tools effectively, as well as specific tactics and procedures, are sold.
  • Transfer of compromised systems – The servers that are always on, are usually targeted as they can be used as platforms to attack other systems connected to those servers. The servers can also be sold for the information they possess.
  • Software exploits – There are many exploits that remain unpatched and reliable. The underground economy regularly trades these exploits.
  • Feature-rich malware – Malware with different capabilities such as ransomware, information stealers and so on often generate revenue so large that it cannot be ignored.

Services in the cybercrime economy are often leased to buyers, similar to how you purchase and renew a subscription to an antivirus.

Let us look at some of the services sold.

  • DDoS attacks (Distributed denial of service) – These are attacks which affect the availability of servers which are targeted.
  • Exploit kits – Access to exploit kits are usually leased at a monthly rate.
  • Rental of infrastructure – Rental of infrastructure includes attack platforms, malware updates and so on.
  • Laundering of money – This is when funds which are obtained illegally are transferred to countries which are money havens.

Potential candidates for cybersecurity training would do well to study the underground economy of cybercrime. You need to understand these underground activities in order to know best how to tackle cybersecurity problems you are faced with.

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