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Top trends shaping the Cloud

1. Going beyond storage: The cloud so far has been most popular for its ability to store vast amounts of data. Storing data on the cloud has greatly reduced the amount of physical space and equipment companies previously required to store their data. But now the cloud is growing and evolving to provide more than just storage. Data analysis, security services and other computing services are all being offered by cloud services now

2. Localized data computing: Despite being in milliseconds there is still a gap between providing data and the analyzed results. With newer innovations needing results in real time it makes more sense to apply cloud technology in a localized form. Creating devices with their own personal mini clouds to provide even faster results is a trend that will be picking up a lot of momentum in 2018

3. The growth of Kubernetes: Kubernetes is an open-source container system. It helps to quickly deploy applications increasing the speed of response time to problems. The container system to deliver apps over the virtual system is gaining popularity and will have to keep improving its tech to stay ahead

4. The development of cloud hybrids: So far there are different cloud systems for different services which include storage, computing, security, etc. Most companies who make use of cloud services have to sign up with a number of the services for all their functions. Hybrid cloud systems are being developed to work across vendors making life more convenient for businesses

5. Going serverless: Cloud technology is making it possible for a business to go serverless. A lot of the physical infrastructure once involved in a company’s functioning is being done away with by migrating services to the cloud. While the trend is still in its infancy it looks like 2018 is the year that a large number of companies will make the transition

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