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Cloud computing refers to the use of hardware and software resources remotely. Companies don’t need to setup servers for providing software services anymore. There are various kinds of applications of cloud computing. Some of the major applications are mentioned below.

  • IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS is one of the lowest levels of cloud applications and is aimed at providing all kinds of computing infrastructure support as a fully-automated outsourced service. A service provider who specializes in IaaS usually provides pre-configured hardware and software through an easy-to-use digital interface. Some of the common IaaS services include various kinds of hosting and development environments.
  • PaaS or platform as a service - This is a more advanced form of the IaaS system. Apart from providing various kinds of computer services, PaaS also provides various kinds of computing platforms, solution stacks, development tools and other features. The entire IT infrastructure can be provided as a collection of a user-interface with run-time libraries, programming languages and even an OS. PaaS is like an open-sandbox which can be used to develop further tools as required by the client. All the services and tools developed using PaaS are available remotely at all points of time. Thus, PaaS allows businesses to develop and deploy their own cloud solutions.
  • SaaS or Software as a service - This is probably the most popular form of cloud service that is available today. Most people are familiar with SaaS. SaaS is a cloud application that provides web-based software tools and applications as per the demand of the customer or client. Some of the various services which come under SaaS include web conferencing, enterprise resource management, email service, time management tools, project tracking platforms, CRM, database management solutions and others.
  • RaaS or Recovery as a service - This is basically the ability to maintain backup of all kinds of software data on cloud servers. This data can be kept for safekeeping or for quick access to any kind of information as and when required.

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