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Small Business Startup Ideas

What Are The Most Common Mistakes First Time Entrepreneurs Make?

Launching a business is one of the biggest gambles in your life. With all that time and money invested, you cannot afford to bungle. But, as they say, to err is human.

When starting a new business, there are several decisions to be made. The pressure can get overwhelming, giving scope to bad decisions that could harm the success of your business. There are several business gurus who have plenty of advice on what to do while launching a startup. But what about the things you are not supposed to do?!

social media marketing trends

Latest Social Media Marketing Trends

It’s the age of the Millennials. These “digital natives” will make up three-quarters of the world’s workforce by 2025. Given the Millennials’ addiction to smartphones, technology and social media, marketers need to reshape their strategy to capture their attention. According to a Pitney Bowes 2016 Global Shopping Survey, the Millennials are the most avid online shoppers and by 2030, they will account for more than 50% of the population in Australia.

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How Technological Disruption Changes Everything

The digital transformation threatens to disrupt much of what we thought we knew about firm management and technology, resulting in a sudden crowd of players wanting access to management team and control over the IT budget. Who is providing the required technology vision and leadership in your firm? Is it just those with “CPA” after their name? Is this creating, rather than eliminating, silos? Does technology really matter?

Today, the group answering these questions may range from firm leaders and managers to internal and external IT professionals; service niche leaders; and marketing, client experience, analytics, innovation and other creative titles.

latest technology trends

Five Trends That Shaping The Cloud Technology in 2018

The Cloud is a network of services run on the Internet. There are a number of different types of services that can be hosted on the cloud. A large number of businesses are making use of the cloud and it looks like 2018 will see a big jump in this number. From increasing the number of services to mini cloud computing and hybrid services, the trends shaping the Cloud in 2018 are in. Let us look at some of the top trends that are going to change the way technology will affect businesses in the near future.