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How Remote Work Will be the Future of Innovation

As 2018 approaches, experts anticipate a big internal shift in the recruitment industry. One of the changes that have already been foreseen- and indeed being witnessed – is in terms of technology shifts in recruitment. Use of video conferencing, artificial intelligence to screen and filter candidates, automation to help follow up and provide feedback are some of the technology shifts that are going to take over in a big way.

Network Security

Five Basic, Low-Cost Security Measures for Small and Medium-Sized Firms

Even a small security incident can cost you dearly, making you lose not just clients’ data but also their trust, goodwill and your reputation. Discover the two most common reasons stopping small and medium-sized enterprises securing their data. Don't let this be you.

Marketing Solutions

Improve Your Content Marketing With Machine Learning Tools

With content still being king, marketing professionals focus on strategies to produce top quality content. The power of content is such that more than 70% of marketing professionals plan on creating much more content in 2017 as compared to what they developed in 2016. More than 75% of marketers indicate that they will increase investment in content marketing programs.

Ransomware Attacks

Simply backing up your data no longer provides an absolute guarantee you can recover from a ransomware attack. In this article you are given four ways to protect and backup your data securely. Accountants need to be diligent and meet compliance standards.