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Employee Internet Monitoring

Internet Monitoring: How, what, why?

Internet connection is a big part of any business nowadays, it helps you manage and run your business with just a few clicks. However, more and more businesses discover that this can be abused or exploited by your employees, using the internet connection for activities that are not business related. Not monitoring internet usage can be a big risk for your business. It can hamper productivity and it can even lead to legal consequences.

Quantum Computer

Why we need quantum computers?

According to a report by the Semiconductor Industry Association, we would run out of power to keep the machines across the globe running by 2040. Energy efficient machines and computers are increasingly the focus of researchers worldwide.

Although Rolf Landauer calculated the least amount of energy required for a computer to carry out an operation, it could take years for this to become a reality.

Disaster Recovery Plan

5 Things Every IT Disaster Recovery Plan Should Include

We all know that most of the businesses today are becoming more digitally inclined. As your business grow and make a name for it, losing your valuable data can bring your company to a complete halt. Securing your vital data must be your priority, whether it is in the hands of natural disaster, human error or even cyber-attacks. Having a reliable and stable recovery system is a must.

Website Maintenance

The Importance of Updating your Website Regularly

Owning your website is not a one-time deal, that after you set it up you will just leave it be. Whether it’s a corporate website, a blog or an e-commerce website, regularly updating and making changes can be beneficial for your business.