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IT Support & Advice For Australian Accountants
Managed Services

How to get the most from a managed IT services provider

Manage service is an essential part of any business in the modern age. It provides a cost-effective way of maintaining your technological needs for your business. Having a full time IT expert can be expensive for a small or newly established business. By outsourcing, the technical support can be as effective as having an in-house IT expert.

Accountants Using Social Media

Advantages of Social Media for Accounting Firms

Engaging social media accounts of B2B accounting firms and expanding their reach can only positively influence your ‘Brand’. When it comes to accounting firms, the Twitter and LinkedIn audience is increasingly engaged via two factors: thought-leadership and pre-existing relationships. Thought-leadership refers to the idea that content helps to enhance one’s professional knowledge. Pre-existing relationships refer to the fact that the audience has previously conducted business with the firm.

Backup Solutions

Local Backup Tips to Back Up Your Data Correctly

If you’re an accountant you better continue reading...

What Is Roaming Charges

Tips and Tricks to Avoid Mobile Data Bill Shock

Are You Traveling With Your Mobile Phone?

Next month, I’m heading overseas, heading off to the US for a conference. I made a decision when I go overseas, not to take my mobile phone. The reason is, I don’t want to come home to a massive bill with roaming data charges and global roaming for call charges, so I leave my mobile phone at home.