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Employee Productivity

How to Improve Your Productivity at Work

Do you know what your time is REALLY worth? I’m not talking about the hourly salary you get paid because that’s insufficient, it’s about the productivity of that hour and what you can PRODUCE.

So if you’re a partner of the firm, that number should be determined by what revenue and profits you control; if you are an operations person, I’m sure that whatever your hourly rate is, there is a minimum multiple of 3 to 5 times that because if your boss wasn’t getting a higher rate of return for your hourly salary, you wouldn’t have a job.

cyber threats business impact

Cyber Security Is A Business Risk

ATO updates aren’t the only changes that firms have to concern themselves with these days. Whether it’s the security of clients’ data, the implications of migrating to the cloud, or the uncertain future of the once-venerable desktop, rapid technological transformation continues to generate new challenges and opportunities for accounting professionals.

So what do you need to know about bring your own device (BYOD), malware, mobile computing, and any number of other technical issues? Below I will explore what I believe to be important issues for firms of any size.


Just Because You Have an Apple Mac Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Have Malware

Macs are famous for a lot of things – some true, some false. For instance, many people believe that Macs are virus- and malware-proof – but unfortunately that’s not true. Just because many of the malware and viruses out there are targeted toward the Windows OS, Macs are not impervious to attack as well.