Toilet Paper Apocalypse

Toilet Paper Apocalypse

Hello, my little fishes…Orbie here (aka the Goldfish with attitude). For the past few weeks, I have been swimming around my bowl watching the world go mad over toilet paper. I might be a little Goldfish (with a badass attitude), but when did the Toilet Paper Apocalypse start?

I am normally so turned into the world…but how did I miss this.

I’m feeling a little vulnerable here in my bowl without any protection from a mountain of toilet paper – this is not Game of Thrones!!!

This is about me…the fish, not you. The zombies might attack me at any minute, and I don’t have any toilet paper to save by little fishy butt. All because you have amassed a stockpile so big it puts Costco to shame.

But hey, toilet paper in my bowl makes a big mess and this fish does not like a messy bowl…so “all you zombies” (now that is great song there) … I think it is time to calm down people. This virus thing gives you a running nose, not a runny butt!

So just remember ‘Wash Your Fins” does not translate to “Buy all the toilet paper”.

And you cannot eat toilet paper either…I have tried, it just clogs my bowl (bowel?) movements.

Till next time…keep on swimming (and wash your fins, just please not in my fishbowl).