Meet Orbie

Meet Orbie

Oh, it’s YOU is it? Well I’m Orbie, Iain’s prized Goldfish.

Now I have to warn you – keep out of my bowl and I will keep off your keyboard. I might look all cute and innocence… but don’t let my good looks fool you.

So beware and don’t mess with me alright. You do the right thing by your computer and we will just get along fine. Now I do know what you get up to with your computer. I’m watching you like a Goldfish – all that time you spend on Facebook when the boss is not looking. I have been taking notes.

I am the oracle of Technology For Accountants – I see and hear everything, nothing escapes me.

So why am I here?

Well Iain’s asked me to write a regular column for this newsletter. Why he asked a fish to do this and not a colleague isn’t important. What’s important is I’m here and every month I’m gonna shake you up and rattle your world. And you know what? I’m going to enjoy it. So get ready to be offended.