What We Do

Too often, technology mishaps or disorganisation can get in the way of your business outcomes.
Technology For Accountants removes this burden, so you’ll never have to worry about it again.

Aligning Your Technology With Your Goals For Tomorrow

Technology May Run Your Firm, but You’re Not in the Business of Running Technology.

As the owner of an accounting firm you want your people to be productive and working – making money for the practice. What you don’t want to do is spend a lot of time managing your technology. More importantly, you don’t want to deal with technology that doesn’t consistently work.

Technology For Accountants is a "Technology Success Provider". We deliver consistent, predictable results for your firm, from your technology.

Predictable results from your technology means more productivity from your team. That means better margins and improved profits. It means tangible business results.

Let’s face it: all IT service providers tell you they “get to know your business”. You don’t need yet another IT service provider doing break-fix work, or a Managed Services Provider focused on selling you the latest cloud gizmo. You need someone with a proven process that delivers predictable business results from your technology.

Let's discuss your firm's specific needs and the plan that will best meet your objectives.

Our Process - The 5 Pillars of IT Success

For most Accounting firms connecting the dots when it comes to technology can be confusing, time consuming, frustrating, and COSTLY!

Despite firms relying on technology to operate, many firms continue to ignore their IT until a major issue occurs, resulting in expensive downtime, lost production, idle staff, possible loss of business reputation, and big repair bills.

That’s why we develop and provide services to help clients: minimize risks to their practice, improve operating efficiencies and productivity to increase profitability.

What sets Technology For Accountants apart from most IT firms is our clear, long-term strategy which we deliver in the form of our proven process - 5 Pillars of IT Success.

Our 5 Pillars of IT Success are our “Best Practice” guidelines that define the configuration standard to ensure optimal security, stability and reliability for the modern accounting firm.

Our services at a glance

Technology Management

Managed IT Services & Support to effortlessly grow your business profitably using technology to drive efficiency. It's like having you own IT department without the cost.

Professional Services

Your ideal network cannot be constructed with “cookie-cutter” design. You need your technology to assist you in creating more efficient and effective business

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Peace of mind and certainty having the knowledge that your data is safe and sound and you're able to get back operational fast when disaster strikes.

IT Systems Audit & Technology Review

Our comprehensive Technology Systems Review service provides an evaluation of your environment, infrastructure, and applications based on your business needs.

Network & Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks cost businesses millions each year in Australia. Some are business ending. Don't be the next statistic.

VoIP Solutions

A powerful, easy-to-use VoIP system will improve your business communication

Cloud Services

Access your data from anywhere in the world, anytime, from any internet connected device.

Virtual CIO

Who is providing the required technology vision and
leadership in your firm?

Work smarter, not harder. We are your firm's tech department