Virtual CIO Services

What is your IT strategy? Do you have a written plan?

Virtual CIO Services

The multi-dimensional business models that firms have become and the fact that several of the leading vendors have been slow to move desktop applications to pure Web-based applications also complicates the decision. This causes firms to operate in a hybrid environment (in the fog, rather than in the cloud) and makes integration more difficult, if not impossible.

Charting and navigating your technology roadmap is demanding. New upgrades are always on the horizon, making it hard to solve for longevity. Keeping an eye on how your current environment is performing can also be overwhelming - especially when tracking and managing your individual tickets and the overall health of your systems.

When it comes to preparing for the future, lack of access to the information required to adequately plan can compromise your decisions. We understand the limitations of your time and resources, which is why Technology For Accountants acts as your Virtual Chief Information Officer (CIO).

The goal of our Virtual CIO service is to provide you with management insight into how your IT infrastructure is performing. Reports and statistics are gathered and analysed to give you an overview of your types of support request from your team, and regular reporting on the health of your IT environment.

We also provide you with professional recommendations to help guide your IT roadmap. New and emerging threats and technologies are also discussed, along with their relevance to your firm.

As technology transforms existing business models and gives rise to new ones; the role of Chief Information Officer (CIO) is evolving rapidly, with integration at the core of its mission. - Deloitte

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